Le Yo-Yo

Info: This is a TV spot promoting a fictitious microsite for Duncan Yoyo. The concept for this ad was to give a voice to an old toy that refused to change with the times and have it stand by its convictions vocally. A few different accents were tested, but the snooty French accent ended up being the most memorable among test audiences.

Children’s toys today?
Too many batteries, too many parts
I have never had zee microchips inside of me
And I never will
And do you want to know why?
Because batteries run out
And when faced with the ‘arsh situation of keeping a child entertained
I am no coward
I am a yoyo
A beautiful, sexy yoyo.

Instrumental: The Sims Makin’ Magic: Buy Theme 2

Concept, Copywriting and Production: Geoffrey Villanueva