Touching Card

Info: This is a prototype of a postcard developed with braille users in mind.

Touching Card LOGO

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Sender: The sender creates their message by pushing down a series of raised dots arranged in a 2×3 matrix to form braille characters. What the sender uses to push in the dots can be pushed in with the back of a pen, the side of a nickel, the tip of their fingernail or whatever else the user feels they can use. As an extra bit of stimuli the sender may choose to somehow infuse the inside of the card with the scent of where they currently are. A spritz of orange from Florida or a light misting of perfume from France could be an idea. Upon completion, the sender seals the envelope along the edges by exposing the built in adhesive strips.

Receiver: Upon the arrival of the postcard, the receiver opens the postcard by tearing the edges off along the perforations and feels out the braille message. If the sender decided to infuse the message with a scent, the receiver will either smell this as soon as they open the postcard or when the scent is transferred to their fingers while they read.

Concept and Execution: Geoffrey Villanueva