Mecha Mettle

MM-Stage Select 14

Info: Mecha Mettle is a 2-player card and dice game where the players are engaged in tactical space combat as captains of their own customized battleships. The game features a unique linking mechanic that allows players to customize and upgrade their modules into new and more powerful units. It’s a fast paced game with an emphasis on taking risks!

Mecha Mettle Prelim Sketch

Gameplay abstract: Each player is given a 3×3 grid to place, stack and activate the modules that they choose to deploy. In order to win, players must learn to effectively use the cards they draw and to maximize the characteristics of each piece of equipment through placement, stack order and module orientation.

This game will support 2 players.

This game is intended for ages 13 and up.

Mecha Mettle Blue Dice

Playtesting at Boston FIG 2014:

Mecha Mettle at Boston FIG

Ongoing Development:

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Playing Card Development:

MM Icon Deck Preview

Art preview for the current version of the deck.

Lead Designer and Creator: Geoffrey Villanueva

Gameplay Lead and Graphics Consultation: Duane Rajkumar