IMGFRE_AboutI am Geoffrey and I am a creator of things.

I am a behind the scenes creative type to the core, who is an artist by habit and a designer by trade. I take pleasure in consciously giving time to thought, pen to paper, ink to form, adding value with crosshatches and giving meaning with words. I think visually, reason verbally and when I’m not staying up late drawing robots or rambling in my journal, you can find me treading a happy medium copy editing. I’m a big videogame geek, an avid surfer of gamer news and was a former copy editor and graphic designer at The Gamer Scene. I also have a BDES in advertising from OCADU and I’m not afraid to use it.

I work extensively with toner laden paper rolling out of printers and enjoy designing pieces from the ground up around that medium. I always strive to make my work as artful, utilitarian and as universally designed as possible.

When it comes to freelancing, I’m a small-time production with a big heart. I enjoy the challenge of coming up with design solutions for clients on a tight budget. I also take pride in keeping production value at a point where tangible deliverables look like they were churned out by a custom made machine, when in reality every detail was made painstakingly by hand.

Here are the top five things I’m able to do as a designer:

• Copywriting

• Art direction

• Page layout

• Graphic design

• Take a look at a big pile of nothing and say “I think we’ve got something here…”

For more information on where I’ve been and where I want to go, you can check me out on About.me and on cakeresume.com